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The site of Drumalis, with its rolling fields and woodland sweeping down to the sea, has provided a perfect setting for the Centre's most recent activity - the organisation of courses and conferences aimed at raising awareness of ecological and environmental issues. Margaret Rose McSparran CP, one of the Community at Drumalis, has a particular interest in the areas of ecology and creation spirituality. She has had her articles published in various newspapers and appeared on various television programmes. 

Why not read her views on The Drumalis Garden and The Sacred Land of Drumalis!

Northern Ireland Electricity Eco Energy Tariff

Message from Margaret Rose (26/11/02) - At Drumalis we have changed to the NIE Eco Energy Tariff on our electricity bills.  This is an environmentally friendly approach to electricity consumption - if you would like to find out more about this initiative in Northern Ireland, click on to the NIE website

Friends of the Earth have compiled comprehensive information on their website about how home and business users can choose Green Energy.