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What is Drumalis 1000 Club?

Do you want to do something very special for a very special place? 

With the closure of St Clement’s Retreat House, Drumalis Retreat and Conference Centre in Larne will be the only large retreat facility left in the Down and Connor Diocese.  If you follow this link, it will give you an overview of Drumalis, the great work that goes on there and how we plan for it to continue as a beacon of faith for the twenty-first century and beyond.

The existing facility in Larne was built in the 1960s.  Now it badly needs to be re-developed.  The Drumalis Community of Cross and Passion Sisters has come to a very brave decision:  to re-build the Drumalis residential block with new conference facilities at a cost of £4 million.  The Cross and Passion Order is contributing the massive sum of £3 million, which leaves the Drumalis Community the task of raising the remaining amount, £1 million!

The Friends of Drumalis 1000 Club is one of the major initiatives put in place to help raise the funds for this project.  The target we have set ourselves is to raise £50,000 by 30 September 2007.

So what is the 1000 Club and how can you help?  We are asking you for a one-off donation of £100.  Of course if you would like to donate a larger amount then please do not hesitate to do so.  Also, if you are a taxpayer you are invited to sign the Gift Aid declaration.

Each donor’s name will be entered into a Book of Benefactors, to be retained permanently in Drumalis and also included in the ongoing Drumalis Apostolate of Prayer.   As a donor you will be remembered in the prayers of the Drumalis “Family” in perpetuity.

No other commitment, financial or otherwise will be requested from Promoters or Club Members.

Drumalis will play a pivotal role in the spiritual, ecumenical and ecological development of both the Down and Connor Diocese and the greater Northern Ireland community for future generations.  It is vital that we support its development.

We understand the size of the commitment we are asking you to make and we are very grateful for any assistance you can give us to help reach our goal.

Updates on the progress of the building work and of the fundraising will also be posted on the website.