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Update on Building Work at Drumalis

February 2008

New Kitchen with Wall Cladding
Work in Progress in New Dining Room
Dining Room with Main Entrance in the Background Little Nook at Entrance to Dining Room Sr Margaret Rose checking out the new chapel/conference room

Conference Room/Chapel where red stained glass window from Old Retreat Chapel will be placed

Sr Margaret Rose keeping a close eye Sr Anna - pleased with progress!

Scott overseeing the whole project!

While the building proceeds, in spite of the bad weather, the snowdrops have come out close to the rubble saved from the old building Looking at the Conference Room/Chapel 
from the Garden
Scott keeping a keen eye on the whole process Looking towards the section where the circulation and link area will be built The first 21 bedrooms are almost ready

Every so often the Sisters think back to February 2007 and it is a moment of encouragement to see how far we have come

February 2007

Stained Glass windows are removed from Chapel
(15 February 2007)
Windows are stored to be re-used in new building
(15 February 2007)
Workman strips 60s building interior prior to demolition
(23 February 2007)
The 60s building is reduced 
to a shell prior to demolition
(23 February 2007)

March 2007

Roof of Chapel is removed
(7 March 2007)
Demolition in action
(8 March 2007)
Scott oversees building work
(11 March 2007)
Sr Margaret Rose, Sr Anna and Scott (14 March 2007)
Large Chapel comes down
(14 March 2007)
Bedroom Corridors are demolished
(21 March 2007)
Demolition nears completion
(21 March 2007)
60s building with Heritage House in the background
(22 March 2007)


April 2007

The last remaining wall of the sixties building The marking out of foundations begins (2 April 2007)

Rebuilding begins (23 April 2007)

  Sr Margaret Rose checks up 
on progress

May 2007

Kate & Lily, Parish Retreat Promoters from Antrim, 
visit the site
Kate & Lily 
with Sr Margaret Rose

1000 Club Founder Members, Maurice Jordan, Terence & Michael Donaghy , inspect the site


The new building begins to take shape

June 2007

The metalwork which will form part of the new chapel/conference room Katolska Skolan, school staff from Sweden on a trip to Drumalis while the building takes shape behind     
Tommy, site foreman with 
Sr Margaret Rose standing on the newly constructed first floor!

July 2007

Parish Retreatants from Portaferry, Holywood and Poleglass bless the new building Roof joints are visible in the background of the photo Linda, chef and Lea, manager of in-house services check up on progress in the new kitchen

August 2007

Roofing arrives Joints for roof for a small structure are visible Materials arrive daily
   Within a month the same structure with its roof is near completion
Bedrooms take shape Scott is never far away from the building work!

February 2008



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